Monday, December 29, 2008

the floral dress

I remember falling in love with floral dresses when I was 13 years old, I can thank aerosmith for that. When I saw Alicia Silverstone in her floral baby doll dress and flannel (doc martin boots) in the music video cryin, I fell in love, it became a look I have sported often the past 16 years, such 90´s style. Over the years I have collected quite a few styles of floral dresses, short baby doll, long flowy, the figure hugging type. What I have learned is all women look so wonderfully feminine in a floral dresses. I wear my dresses with cardigans, jean jackets, vests, leather jackets, flats, boots, hats. You can style it so many ways to dress up or down and it always makes me feel great. I have worn floral dresses too many first dates with great results. I think it is a great outfit for a first date.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I havent forgotten this blog, just been away shopping and having fun in London.
Now that Christmas is up there are so many things to do, will post very very soon.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make up essential

One of the first tricks I ever learned when I started out modeling was the trick of the white shimmery eye shadow.
Till this day, no matter what make-up trend has passed I still always swear by my shimmery white. This is also a trick I have taught all my girl friends and they too have stuck by it.
Its the easiest thing to do; Simply apply white shimmery eye shadow at the inner V corner of your eyes. This should be the last shadow you put on. Oh and use a brush, its so much easier and give a more subtle and controlled result.
This will make your eyes pop and it will enhance your eyes so much more.
I will show you 3 different pictures from random days where I wear my white nylon in my inner corner, I have always sworn by my mac eyeshadow in nylon.

I think showing you guys random pics are better than modeling pics. I want to give tips on the everyday make up things. I always hate it when I look in magazines and see really glammed make-up and hair pics knowing it takes hours to get such results which we normally dont have. OK so they are party pics but still, it took me like 3o minutes.

You might not notice much, but thats the point its suppose to be subtle and just make your eyes look bigger and and dooey like.

Here I blended well with the eyeshadow and my whole eye socket area under my eye, still making sure shimmer spots in the inner area.

Sometimes I will drag the line further like an eyeliner but underliner to enhance the effect, play around with it.
Here I just dabbed it in the corners of my eyes and because of the shimmer, the flash from the camera will pick it up and enhance your eye. My best friend, Nikki, has done the under line technique.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

fashion soulmates: Lizzy Jagger

Yesterday I posted my style icons Anita and Pattie, as you might notice anything affiliated with the Beatles or Rolling Stones is where my fashion sense goes.
When it comes to rock spawns I am convinced that Elizabeth Jagger (daughter of Mick and Jade) is my fashion soul mate. Her style is so identical to mine, it don´t hurt we have the same long curly hair hair and love sporting red lips. Lizzie has what I like to call a rock-elegance style or rock-ele. Yes I named that style myself. Sienna can be boho-chic , Lizzie and I = rock-ele. Extremeley feminine, a bit classy yet always with a touch of rock. Her face is always so eleganttly done and she brings rock and roll soul to all the clothes she wears. True Tambourine fazhion.

Here is Lizzie

Here is me.

The answer is yes, I love love making picture collages in case you havent noticed. Its my thing...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my styleicons

My favorite people in fashion history is Anita Pallenberg and Pattie Boyd. I LOVE ANITA!!!
I constantly find inspiration from them. I think my love for Pattie has much to do with the fact she was married to the most gorgeous man ever (in my eyes), George Harrison. Such a beautiful man. But if I could have someones closet I would want all the clothes Anita Pallenberg wore in the 60´s and 70´s....she was also with Keith another one of my favorite men

wish list

I love leather pants, so rock n roll. Finding the right pair is like searching for a perfect partner, impossible to find. I been hunting for my dream leather pants for years. Black, low cut and slim fit

Monday, December 1, 2008

flower power

My favorite little extra accessory is flower clips in my hair. I swear every time I wear a flower clip I get a compliment, especially from the men.
I think it gives them a great opportunity to flatter you when you are out.
Its a great conversation starter when a cute guy says ¨nice flower.¨ So not only does it make you look wonderfully feminine and adds that little extra to the outfit, it s also a great pick up trick. Flower clips are cheap and you can make them yourself as well, using fresh flowers, fake...all flowers are pretty in the hair. Even for a normal dull day at the office, a tiny little clip adds a oomph.