Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Icons in fashion: Nat Prakobsantisuk

This is a photo P´Nat did for Image magazine the last time I worked with him October last year.

I´ve been very fortunate in my career by working with the very best.
Its when working with the best that my best works comes out.
Its such an important matter to have a great bond with your photographer, light, stylist, hair and make up team when doing a shoot.
When all those forces are on the same level exceptional beautiful photos can happen.

P´Nat Prakobsantisuk truly is one of Thailand's number one photographer.
His photos are stunning, unique and has a certain edge that brings his personal touch into every photo.
I just discovered his website and blog and want to send you all there to see some of his extraordinary work
P´Nat is also the one person who has taken my favorite picture ever taken of me, which I love till this day.
His website
his blog

THIS IS MY FAVORITE! Out of all the photos ever taken of me I simply love this photo.
The emotion P´Nat captured in this is a mixture of sadness, strength, happiness. Its a mystery..a Mona Lisa and I LOVE this photo so much.
P´Nat took it about 8-9 Years ago for a beauty shoot for Emporium magazine.

Flashback style: 1998

In the era where the rise of girl power erupted into world domination; I was a blooming teenager searching for my own identity in this world. In the course of this soul searching I went through many phases fashion wise.
As a freshman in Communication arts, I had an urge to be different from everyone.
So I dyed my hair with fudge hot red dye. Wore red lip stick, black eyes, bangles, rings, earrings and homemade necklaces to make myself stick out. True 90´s queen.
Here I am in a classic example of what I wore back then wearing both chiffon pants and dress by H&M.

Friday, July 24, 2009

That kid got style

I love seeing kids all dressed up in nice dresses and little suits for special occasions. Just something about how they let their personalities shine through when they wear pretty clothes while carrying their own attitude. I took these photos of some hungry kids waiting for ice cream during the Norwegian constitution day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday chill

What I am wearing.
Aldo gladiator sandals; Pena House shorts; Zara Tank top with fringe; Vintage velvet vest; Slash bag from boyy bag; Dior sunglasses;Vintage jewellry

on the other side

I have always been the hippie middle parting style type of girl, but lately I been starting to wear my hair with a big side parting like Jerry Hall.
I seen it grace the catwalks and fashion world lately and I have grown to like the classy parting myself. My boyfriend loves the look

Friday, June 26, 2009

To me you were a fashion icon

His jackets, the hats, the glove, the glitter socks, the arm band, the aviator and ray ban glasses. The man had his own unique style and you know what I have often been inspired by him when I dress up.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

yes please

I want these Guess Mauve Boots. I need them

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boyy bags

My beautiful friend Boyy is a bag designer, she makes the most wonderful bags that are so stylish and perfect for everyday use. The leather bags have so much personality and I have been meaning to get one for ages. If you want high quality and a chic unique bag I suggest you check out the website


Here is my firend Jane in a recent photoshoot for boyybags new collection

Chloe Sevigny has a boyy bag
Jane again rockin the bag
My dear Lynne sporting a beuatiful red leather boyy bag

Friday, January 30, 2009


My dear friends just launched their new clothing label last year called NSHA, it is the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear. I am in love with their Bianca Jumpsuit and wear it all the time, casual, parties and just relaxing. That's why I love their clothes. Its chic, you can work out in their clothes as well as go out to party with them depending on how you style the clothes.
I just did a fitting for their new 2009 collection and it is GORGEOUS.
Check out their website

Here I am sporting my favortie white Bianca.

Monday, January 19, 2009

How to wear tip: over the shoulder vs hair.

I love over the shoulder dresses.
One shoulder gowns has such a Goddess essence over it.
When you have such a beautiful dress, I think keeping your hair as simple as possible gives the most beautiful sophisticated result.
Actually your hair will give symmetry and help enhance the dress giving you a alluring presence when you walk in to a room.
My number one tip on how to wear your hair is to sweep it up in a low bun with either middle or side parting. It adds elegance and the symmetry of a side or middle parting works well with a over the shoulder dress. You see this is used on catwalks and red carpets.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The pin up

I did a photo shoot the other day and most of the clothes for next season had the pin up essence written all over it. The clothes were marine inspired. Blues, reds and white, denim, stripes.
Red lips, veronica lake hair (My ultimate favorite, felt like Elisabeth Taylor) Shorts, shorts and legs legs legs. Think Marylin Monroe, Lolita, Betty Boopp style.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

get the look: Evan Rachel Wood, Golden globes 2009

Personally I don't know why Perez keeps bagging on Evan Rachel Wood. OK so she was a bit unoriginal with the whole Dita Vin Teese copy look but I have always liked her. She had me in Across the universe and that's all it took for her to win me over.
I was watching the golden globes and just stunned on how beautiful she looked. I love her makeup and think women with fair skin and blue eyes really suits this look. If you want to copy the look for a night out to town, which suits people with blue eyes. Here is my quick and easy way to copy it.
On her lids she has used icy shimmery blue tones.
Christian Dior has a great 5 colour palette called blue croisette (I will use this as reference fot this look)

  • Start with a lighter shimmery blue as base, covering entire lid up to the crease, then go over with a slightly darker shade of blue. This will create a beautiful contrast. Finish off by dabbing some green shadow on the middle of the lid.
  • Along the crease line you should pick a darker more greyish blue shadow that melt into your crease by using your brush swiping along the lines, blending well. This will create dimension and enhance the depth of your natural crease.
  • With a gray eyeliner pencil, draw eyeliner on both upper and lower lash line.
  • With a white eyeliner pencil, draw the wet crease inside your lower lash line
  • CURL THOSE LASHES, put on mascara.
  • Use white shimmer shadow and dab some in the inner corner of your eyes.
  • THIS IS WHERE THE SECRET TIP COMES IN. Use your blush (preferably a peachy color, though I use MAC Sincere) take your eye brush pencil and swipe some blush along your upper crease area as well as your lower eyelid. (Dont use too much color here, you just want to add that hint of peach) By adding a warm peach or pink around dark or hard colors you will soften up the eyes. I always add a bit of pink or peach especially to the outer crease right beneath the eyebrow area where I usually go over with a white shadow to highlight.
  • Use peachy blush on your cheeks and finish off with a neutral colored pink/peach lipstick and cover with gloss.
  • IF you want to really enhance the look, use fake eyelashes.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyday fresh eyes

I am going to start a " how to apply various eye shadow looks" series here.
Today I start with one of my favorite everyday looks, its quick, easy and suits almost everyone. You will look natural with a bit of shine. You just need to invest in some good brushes. Sephora, mac, bobbi brown for example. Having good soft brushes pays such an important role to flawless make up.

I love this look and finish off with some blush and lip gloss and you are ready to go.
I am using 3 mac eye shadows; Soba as my base brown shadow; Retro speck lustre as the shimmer; Ivory as the crease shadow.

Everyday fresh eyes:
  • Start with prepping your eyes by applying foundation on face and concealer under your eyes. Finish off with loose translucent powder
  • With a large brush start applying the brown base shadow all over your lower lid up to where you meet the crease

  • Using a large eye brush apply the shimmer shadow over the brown base. When applying shadow, try to pat your shadows on the lid instead of sweeping it. Patting your shadows leads to less fall out and more color payoff. You may Sweep and drag some of the shadow past you crease, leaving only crease beneath brows.

  • Apply eyeliner, I use brown for everyday as it gives a more softer subtle appearance. Then with a blender or q-tip smooth out the lines to give your eyes a softer more dewy look, it also is a good tip for those who have trouble applying the perfect eyeliner. This way you don't have to worry too much making the line perfect

  • With a fine thin flat brush, apply brown shadow along the lines of your lower eyeliner, under the hairline.

  • You may now if you want use a blender brush or just your normal brush to blend over the colors. Then finish off with some white shadow using a flat brush underneath your eyebrows.

  • Use eyelash curler, apply mascara. Eventually smooth out your shadow by continuing blending by patting the brush on your lid.

  • Voila and you are done. Ohh don't forget to shadow those brows.