Thursday, January 8, 2009

Everyday fresh eyes

I am going to start a " how to apply various eye shadow looks" series here.
Today I start with one of my favorite everyday looks, its quick, easy and suits almost everyone. You will look natural with a bit of shine. You just need to invest in some good brushes. Sephora, mac, bobbi brown for example. Having good soft brushes pays such an important role to flawless make up.

I love this look and finish off with some blush and lip gloss and you are ready to go.
I am using 3 mac eye shadows; Soba as my base brown shadow; Retro speck lustre as the shimmer; Ivory as the crease shadow.

Everyday fresh eyes:
  • Start with prepping your eyes by applying foundation on face and concealer under your eyes. Finish off with loose translucent powder
  • With a large brush start applying the brown base shadow all over your lower lid up to where you meet the crease

  • Using a large eye brush apply the shimmer shadow over the brown base. When applying shadow, try to pat your shadows on the lid instead of sweeping it. Patting your shadows leads to less fall out and more color payoff. You may Sweep and drag some of the shadow past you crease, leaving only crease beneath brows.

  • Apply eyeliner, I use brown for everyday as it gives a more softer subtle appearance. Then with a blender or q-tip smooth out the lines to give your eyes a softer more dewy look, it also is a good tip for those who have trouble applying the perfect eyeliner. This way you don't have to worry too much making the line perfect

  • With a fine thin flat brush, apply brown shadow along the lines of your lower eyeliner, under the hairline.

  • You may now if you want use a blender brush or just your normal brush to blend over the colors. Then finish off with some white shadow using a flat brush underneath your eyebrows.

  • Use eyelash curler, apply mascara. Eventually smooth out your shadow by continuing blending by patting the brush on your lid.

  • Voila and you are done. Ohh don't forget to shadow those brows.


pinkjellybaby said...

I bet you have an awesome make-up bag!

Valley Girl said...

You have beautiful eyes!