Saturday, November 22, 2008

conceal those eyes

Concealer...a very important relationship for a woman.
I swear by my Bobbi brown kit. There are days this is all the make up I will put on before I go out the door. The Bobbi brown corrector, concealer and concealer brush.

Bobbi brown make up is one of my favorite brands, they make your skin look perfect.
I always do this step. Start with eye cream NOTE: Every woman should use eye cream. SERIOUSLY. With the concealer brush I first apply the corrector under my eyes starting on the inside. I switch between dabbing with brush and finger. Then apply the concealer. It should always be 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. Finish off with powder. Bobbi brown has great videos on how to apply concealer

Another great product is Benfits realness of concealness. I LOVE my little kit and a very nice price as well.


LYDIA said...

I love the Realness of Concealness! I love Bobbi's corrector as well.

Anonymous said...

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