Saturday, November 22, 2008

suck my kiss

one of my FAVORITE looks is matte cherry stained lips, makes me look like I been sucking face all night long. I love wearing red lipstick but on it can sometimes be a bit too much for day wear.
Stained berry lips is a great alternative.
It looks best face au naturel, nude shimmery eye shadow and slight eyeliner do get dooey eyes.

How to apply:
Use your fingers! You got to use your lipstick as if it was a lip balm container. dab your finger on the lip stick then DAB your lips. DO NOT rub like you apply lip balm.
You dab dab dab dab and please use some force while dabbing, by doing this you speed up your lips blood circulation which adds redness to your lips. Dab till your lips are covered.
You may if you want gently press your lips on tissuepaper for that extra matte look.
To take this look up another level use benefit benetint liquid and apply it just on the middle of your lips.
Of course you could always just drink some red wine....

My favorite: MAC Viva glam in red, Este Luader pure color long lasting lipstick in rouge longue tenue, este lauder pure color crystal orchid.


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Nice red.

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