Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Veronica Lake

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Veronica Lake hair, if I could, I would have hair like this everyday.
Every woman looks so classy and beautiful with Veronica lake hair.
I do it when I go out for special occasions.
It is not really hard to get the look.

You can get this look by using rag curlers (this way you can do this over night and sleep with the curlers if your hair looses curls easily)
- I usually use a 3/4
inch curling iron, having a friend to help is good.
-part your hair your desired way.
-Start at the nape of the neck and wrap the rest of hair as you gradually work yourself to the top.
-Curl your whole head, after each curl, a great tip is to pin the curls using your fingers rolling the curls, pinning it to your head until everything is done, this is to keep the shape of the curls.
This way you can prepare hours before and walk around with the rolled up hair. You can do your make up in the mean time.
-Make sure all the hair is going in the same direction 
making it a repetitious pattern.
-when done brush the hair with natural bristle hair brush or wide tooth comb.
-Finish off with aerosol spray

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